SAIL Academy provides the highly acclaimed and evidence-based SensaLearn multisensory approach to learning for individuals with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and language-based learning disabilities.

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SAIL Academy provides the highly acclaimed and evidence-based SensaLearn multisensory approach to learning for individuals with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and language-based learning disabilities.  This specialized and individually targeted educational program is for students in grades 1 through 8 and successfully addresses 100% of every student's individual educational needs.

News Flash
Dr. Ted Dintersmith recently released a new book (April 2018), "What School Could Be: Insights and Inspiration from Teachers Across America." The book includes an insightful interview with SAIL Academy's Director, Ms. Shellie Burrow.  Dr. Dintersmith visited all fifty states and interviewed teachers "doing extraordinary things in ordinary settings, creating innovative classrooms where children learn deeply and joyously, students who can’t wait to get to school each day as they develop purpose, agency, essential skill sets and mind-sets, and deep knowledge."  We are extremely proud that SAIL Academy was the only Utah-based school featured in the book!  You can find additional information on Ted and this enlightening book at


SensaLearn is the foundation that provides individualized Academic Language Therapy.Our curriculum is based on a student's assessment results and related clinical observations.  What SensaLearn is not a reading program!  The most successful outcomes for students with dyslexia and related language disabilities is provided by a program - such as SensaLearn - that is specifically designed to address many of the difficulties that students have in developing and enhancing their language skills.

  • We build on over a decade of proven academic excellence.

  • We have provided successful services to over 1,000 clients and continue to provide expert educational assistance to all of our students.

  • We conduct a FREE Dyslexia screening and placement assessment for all potential students.

  • We provide parent consultation to go over individual student objectives, academic goals, program placement objectives, and address all questions and concerns that you may have.

  • We provide teachers that are specifically trained in SensaLearn methodology.

  • We provide hourly instruction before, during, or after school in private or small group settings.

  • We provide summer camps and extended learning programs to both students and others looking for an educational alternative.

SAIL Academy

SAIL (Solutions for Advanced and Individualized Learning) Academy is a full-day school program that provides individually tailored curriculum and evidence-based instruction that emphasizes successfully proven multisensory language methods. Our core curriculum includes humanities, sciences, the arts, and a comprehensive range of skills in digital media and technology.  

  • We emphasize Project-Based Learning.

  • We provide daily Academic Language Therapy based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and multisensory methods.

  • We are a Competency Based Education program.

  • We Progress Monitor and Benchmark all students to guide our individually tailored instructional practices.

  • All students learn and utilize technology-based programs to support and enhance learning styles.

  • We practice daily mindfulness as a learning tool.

  • We hone higher-level thinking and collaboration skills every day.

  • We utilize a variety of scholastic specialists to supplement our daily programs.

  • We provide solutions that are specifically geared to individualized and advanced learning.

A Real Testimonial From a Formerly Discouraged Parent
"The public school system was not providing the resources and attention that our daughter really needed with her learning disability.  Her teacher would get very frustrated with her and could provide very little feedback to us on why she had such difficulties learning.  On the recommendation of a counselor, we got in touch with Shellie Burrow at SAIL Academy.  Shellie was fantastic at helping us understand with what was later diagnosed as dyslexia.  She informed us that there were proven techniques that could be used to help her.  Soon after enrolling her into SAIL Academy, we started to see progress.  The difference between public school and what she was learning at SAIL Academy cannot easily be put into words, other than to say that our daughter has come to life!  She went from being barely able to read a sentence to thoroughly enjoying reading mysteries, writing her own daily journal, and doing beyond well with her math skills.  I just can't say enough about Shellie and the SensaLearn program!"

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