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“My daughter is doing great and is excited to show her SensaLearn teacher her latest report card.  I was a little shocked at how good her report card was.  She is only one level away from reading on grade level.  I am so thankful for SensaLearn. You have been a huge support system.” – Tiffany H.

“Understand that my children have dyslexia and knowing that they have it gives us the ability to move on and look for intervention and help and find what we could do.  Before we didn’t know what it was, what dyslexia was, we didn’t know that’s what they had.  Now that we know they have dyslexia and that there is a program for them to learn and adjust, it’s great.  It’s amazing.” – Lu H.

“SensaLearn gives you a direction of how to help your children.  It’s really frustrating for people to say there’s nothing wrong with them but yet you can you can see there is something wrong.  When your child can say a word in one sentence and then three sentences down, they can’t read the same word.  You know there’s something going on.  It’s been nice to be able to identify it as dyslexia and for me to learn about dyslexia.  Because it’s not just that they can’t read.  That’s not it at all.  It’s the decoding and spelling and processing the information in their minds.” – Sarah H.

“She came to life.  She absolutely lit up.  She went from loathing reading to loving it.  She would hate to sit down and read a book and now she’s just craving them, which even though she’s still struggling a little bit as she’s growing.  She’s enjoying reading, which is just fabulous!” – Norm W.

“SensaLearn has made him easier to manage.  It’s made him more receptive to my suggestions.  I’m just amazed at how more vocal he is.  He’s not afraid to share his opinion.” – Collette B. 

"SensaLearn helped my daughter academically by giving her more than one way to learn.  She would get very flustered and frustrated because she felt like there was only one way to go and that’s there’s one way to learn and that she’s not very good at it.  By learning the cueing, it took off with her.  She feels like it’s her own special language.  That confidence really translated into some significant academic gains.” – Ted A.

"We just didn’t know where to go with dyslexia.   We weren’t even sure that she had it.  So, knowing that she does and that this program helped identify that positively.  And then, knowing she can make that much progress in such short order, it’s given us a lot of hope and assurance that she can be successful.” – David E.

"SensaLearn has given me the tools to know what's wrong with her so that I can help her.  It's been a struggle that we've gone through for quite a while and now I see that there are actual tools and things to help her get through this.  My daughter loved SensaLearn.  She loved the teachers.  She loved the program.  She loved all the games that she got to play.  That's all she would talk about when she got home." - Rachel W. 

“SensaLearn has continued to give me more knowledge about dyslexia and my daughter and the things she is dealing with.  It’s given us the support as parents to feel like there’s somewhere to go because we aren’t able to get answers going through the school.  This has given us somewhere to go for answers and support and help.  And it’s given us a lot of tools to use at home.” – Tiffany H.

 “I really couldn’t understand why my children were having difficulty learning and what was happening.  SensaLearn gave us the clarification.  Before we were in the dark.   SensaLearn explained everything.  Because we understand so much more about our children now, it’s helped me a lot.” – Lu H.

 “SensaLearn has given me some kind of map to follow.  When you have a child like we did that was barely squeaking by, but squeaking by.  It felt like there just weren’t any resources.  We didn’t understand IEPs.  We didn’t understand 504s.  We didn’t understand how to help her.  We didn’t even understand what dyslexia was.  To be able to sit down with other parents and have the opportunity to talk was very helpful.  We were able to reinforce what she was learning here at school by doing it at home.” – Ted A.

 “My son liked SensaLearn.  He looked forward to going everyday.  It was an enjoyment.  I think he liked the games and the apps and having his hands on an iPad.  He felt like he was getting a learning experience very different than what he was getting in school.” – Steve W. 

 “When my daughter comes to SensaLearn, it’s not like school where she probably feels frustrated and maybe feels like she’s not smart.  When in fact, she is really smart and here [at SensaLearn], it gives her that feeling that ‘I am smart!” – Tiffany H.

 “My daughter’s confidence has really soared.  She wasn’t happy this part year in school.  She just couldn’t do some of the things they were trying to teach her.   Since she has started SensaLearn, it’s just totally the opposite.  She knows how to do what they have taught her with the reading and with the math.  Once she knows what she’s doing, she can soar.” – Shelly E.

"SensaLearn has helped the relationship we have with our daughter and how we interact with each other.  Mostly through the fact that we can triangulate the problem now and we can say, 'Honey, your dyslexia's here and you're here and I'm here and we are working together on the problem.'  rather than her being the personification of the problem.  Rather than saying, 'Why don't you read more,' when reading was the last thing in the world she wanted to do.  And so it created a lot of tension between us because most parents feel like in order to get better, you just continue pounding and practicing.  If you're pounding and practicing on the wrong things, it really does hurt the relationship.  Now that we can have more of a collaborative approach with my daughter, it's made a big difference!" - Ted A.